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Simx - Wall Slot Diffusers SLLS linear ceiling diffuser can be used in T-bar ceiling suspension system & other ceiling types as well. The diffuser incorporates curved blade pattern controllers for adjustment of air distribution. Available in 1 slot to 6 slots. Approximately 38% free area when blades are fully open. Model CE - Linear Slot Diffusers - 8pp - New Address.qxd (Page 2)

So if your diffuser was 6 x 30, and the K factor was .75 the actual area would be 6x30 = 180 sq in. /144 = 1.25 sqft, *.75= .94sqft free area. If you require 500 cfm you will need 500 cfm/.94 area = 531.9 fpm velocity. 48" x 4" Linear Slot Diffuser - AC Vent - HVAC Vent Cover The crisp, clean lines of these linear slot diffusers are architecturally appealing and, with its extruded aluminum frames, it virtually blends into any ceiling system.-Size 48"x 4"-2 Slots-3/4 Slot Width -Face Size (f) 48 5/8"x 4 5/8"-Neck Size 47 1/4" x 3 1/4"-Effective velocity 9.8 (ft/s)-CFM 426.9 (Ft3/Min). Swimming Pool Slot Diffuser - Systemair Linear Diffusers | 11 / 20 Ordering Code NOTE: Plenum boxes PB-AQUA have for each 500 mm of their length one connection (sidewards, horizontal). The connection shape and dimension is adapted to the number of diffuser slots. Example of the Ordering Code PB-AQUA-4-10-1500 Plenum box for 4-slot diffuser with 10 mm slot width, 1500 mm length. PB-AQUA - FlowBar Architectural Linear Diffusers - ruskintitus.com

Slot diffusers with 15 mm diffuser face (nominal width) and adjustable air control elements

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Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD) - Polyaire ? Linear Slot

These linear slot diffusers feature fully adjustable, aerodynamic pattern controllers fabricated from extruded aluminum, and are available in a large selection of frame styles. The SDS provides the ideal combination of engineering excellence and architectural appeal. Linear slot diffuser| Linear Diffusers- Connols air pte. Ltd. Linear Slot Diffuser. Acoustic plenum is constructed of galvanised steel of standard length 1200 nominal dimension with one inlet spigot of size 150, 200 or 250 mm diameter. Longer acoustic plenum is available in length of 1800 and 2400 mm and may be provided with one or two inlet spigots depending on the air handling capacity of the linear slot diffuser.

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L Series — Linear Diffuser for Ceiling, Sidewall or Floor Applications. How to Specify. How to Purchase FAQs for GRDs. ... DP — Distribution Plenum for Linear or Slot Diffusers. Hart & Cooley, Inc. 5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512. P (800) 433-6341 F (800) 223-8461 Map. S Series — Slot Diffuser for Ceiling or Sidewall Applications Extruded alumninum construction; Three slot types: 50 (1/2" slot), 75 (3/4" slot), 10 (1" slot) One to eight slots wide for air volume of 10-350 cfm per foot 2-Slot Linear Diffuser - AxiFlow

Linear slot diffuser| Linear Diffusers- Connols air pte. Ltd.

LINEAR SLOT DIFFUSERS - Airmastersemirates 7.16 Linear slot diffuser ASMLD 18 7.19 Plenum slot diffuser ASMPD 21 AIR FLOW DATA 7.7 Supply linear slot diffuser - 20 mm: ASLD Tab. 7.1 9 7.9 Supply linear slot diffuser - 25 mm: ASLD-25 Tab. 7.2 11 7.11 Supply linear slot diffuser - 16 mm: ASLD-16 Tab. 7.3 13 7.13 Return linear slot diffusers - 20 mm: ARLD Tab. 7.4 15 Diffusers Table of Contents - trane.com 2.5 Diffuser Length – 2 1/2' 4 Diffuser Length – 4' 5 Diffuser Length – 5' HGTH Diffuser Height LOW Low Height MED Medium Height HIGH High Height NONE For Return Slots WDTH Ceiling Tee Width 916 9/16" Ceiling Grid 1516 15/16" Ceiling Grid SLOT Slot Configuration 1S1W 1-Slot, 1-Way 2S1W 2-Slot, 1-Way 3S1W 3-Slot, 1-Way 2S2W 2-Slot, 2-Way ... ML-39 - Titus HVAC The Titus ML Modulinear diffuser is a high performance, high quality linear slot diffuser. The unique “ice tong” deflector blades allow both changes in air volume and direction from the face of the diffuser. This diffuser is also available in 1 through 8-slot configurations.

FL-20 Titus FlowBar architectural linear diffuser system maximizes engineering performance without sacrificing aesthetic considerations for the designer.The wide array of slot widths allow for more CFM per linear foot while minimizing noise and pressure loss. Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD) - Polyaire ? Linear Slot … Linear Slot Diffuser (LSD)The Polyaire Linear Slot Diffusers are an attractive alternative to the ceiling or high sidewall supply diffusers.Linear Slot Diffuser - Fixed CoreSizes Available/Dimensions. Item # SlotSlot Width Nominal Neck Size Face Size. Linear slot diffuser, wall-to-wall design SWAN WTW SWAN WTW TM Linear slot air diffusers of wall-to-wall design for ceilings Quick facts ►► Wall-to-wall installation ►► Diffuser face of light aluminium design ►► 2, 3 or 4 slots ►►See Figures 1 and 2. Cut an appropriate opening for air diffusers according to the dimension table.